Friday, 25 October 2013

Costume Exhibition

Norfolk has the greatest number of preserved Mediaeval churches in the world. St Peter's at Repps with Bastwick is one of our local small churches with an octagonal tower, and was having a costume exhibition as a fundraiser. Some were made by a local lady who makes costume for the theatre and some were genuine old garments that had been preserved by local people.
There was a beautiful pink Ball Gown from the 1980s by designer Sandra de Ville:
Ball Gown

RAF uniform
And I did a double take at the RAF uniform as from the back I almost thought it was my Dad!
As a small child I called him "My Daddy who lives on a train" as we were always meeting him or waving him off... however from the front it was too androgynous a face, and no moustache. The fabric though felt so familiar, rough woolen cloth, must have been uncomfortable to wear in warm weather!

There was also a wonderful Victorian Day Gown in Pattered Silk worn by Caroline Mary Watson at Shropham Vicarage in Norfolk, lent by her descendant Caroline Watson. The detail shows the amazing amount of embellishment, lace and frills galore!
Victorian Day Gown

Lace and silk extravagence

The Church had interesting Victorian stained glass and you can see the crossed Keys in the chancel window, St Peter's sign. Wall paintings too.
Victorian Glass

Crossed keys for St Peter

Stencilled wall decoration.

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