Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Simple blocks not so easy!!

The other day I tried to make another three blocks to go with one I had made previously.
Simple block, strips sewn together, cut into squares and stitched back together in little pinwheels...
What could go wrong?
Well - spot the non-deliberate mistake?
The block at the top is the new one,
and it's Left-handed!! And I had made two more. Arrgh!
The pinwheels are rotating the opposite way. I really should pay attention.

Two more left-handed blocks
Now which look better?

Which look "wrong"?


  1. Well - I like both - depending on what you're making, you could keep all the white ones the same and all the green ones the same - or make a one more of either and sew in a row of 3

  2. Well the first one appears to be rotating in a clockwise direction and the second (third and fourth) seem to be going anti-clockwise which I feel is less comfortable to look at. I've left them up on the design wall to consider. I probably won't make anything with them, just use them as samples for an up-coming beginners class! Although there's lots of fabric left so I could make something for Project Linus maybe..


Thank you. Heather