Monday, 21 September 2015

Out and about.

There is a lot of hedgerow fruit this autumn; we collected bullace the small green Norfolk plums that are like little greengages, and wild damsons from the lane.

Both are good eating cooked with apples.

On Sunday the weather was good and we took our small cabin cruiser out on the river Ant. We saw Great Crested Grebe, Herons and Cormorants. Terns diving over Barton Broad and Swans - a group of eight gygnets full grown now but still in their brown plumage.

8 swans a-swimming

heron hunting

cormorant drying off
and quite a few people on the river... fishermen, canoeists and sailors.
There was a competition on the broad and sails flying along despite there being little wind along the river.

a whole family canoeing

the river was still you could see the weed and fish

sailors having fun
This is a National Park area so there is no litter, all you see on the river banks are discarded swan feathers! it is beautiful. We had a lovely picnic and came home rejuvenated.

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