Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Duxford Quilt Show

I was taken to Duxford by my lovely husband for Mother's day. I always enjoy the smaller quilt shows organised by Grosvenor. You are in with a chance of seeing the exhibitions and having a good old trawl around the  Traders. Here is my haul of treasure:
I was hunting for Art Gallery fabrics which I love using as they are printed on a good quality base cloth and don't dropunravelled threads all over you! I not only found some, I found some at £6 a metre! I happily pay a lot more than that for them! There are some other modern prints here from the same trader, Cotton Cloth Fabrics in Stockton, but again printed on a nice cloth.

I also picked up a couple of Manufacturers sample packs.. this one called Improv looked interesting and there was another by Alison Glass, an interesting designer, but the very pale prints were hard to photograph.

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