Thursday, 14 February 2013

Creating interest in tiny blocks

I went to quilt group today and took my Farmer's wife blocks as one member had asked to see them. They liked the look of them and the book, but most people are trying to get work done for the exhibition in April. Some are very busy knitting small teddy bears for an African charity that gives them to children in hospital as they make a faster recovery. A good idea, but Bears?? not an African animal surely!
Here are two embellished blanket bookwraps. the blanket is dyed and felted in a hotwash then run under the embellisher machine with scrims and woollen threads for decoration.

And here's a use for those lovely African beads I keep buying from Magie Relph!

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  1. Excellent idea to put beads on the end of the ties ... I'll do that with some of mine!


Thank you. Heather