Tuesday, 5 February 2013

No Longer Clutching at Straws!

I have, after about a week of frantic searching, finally found the power cable and foot control for my Embellisher machine. I had tidied everything away for Christmas visitors and then not been able to find it when I next needed the machine. But there it was, hiding in a bag of felted blanket, just as my dear husband predicted...

I've finished more bookwraps, here is one with a different angle on the stitch-and-flip and quilt-as-you-go technique that has kept me busy lately.

 The farmers round here are trying to get the Sugar Beet in and I saw this huge machine trundling along the field with scores of seagulls hunting among the soil but didn't have my camera. When I came back half an hour later the lads had stopped for lunch!
They gave me a friendly wave as I snapped them from the car.

I am planning some paper-fabric bookwraps and today prepared the paper. The light one is newsprint, saved from a previous paint session as it was part coloured already having been underneath.
I attached it to some lightweight felt (cleaning cloths) with Bondaweb and added some more paint.
The red ones are a red paper bag from the local quilt shop Sew Creative at Wroxham Barns, crumpled and straightened out then stuck to the felt with Bondaweb and added decoration with some print blocks and metallic paint.

They now need stitch to hold the layers together and acrylic wax to give it strength and a nice soft surface sheen. Hopefully they will look like leather.

I like the idea of something from nothing, if you don't think about the cost of the Bondaweb!


  1. I love working with paper so it will be interesting to see how these work out.

    My, you are churning out the book wraps!

  2. Well I enjoy making them! I made a load before Christmas but was asked to help a local charity with a craft stall and I sold quite a few there. Good for small presents I think!
    Most of these are headed for the Quilter's Guild Tombola in Birmingham in August.


Thank you. Heather