Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cley Print Course

Pictures from the print course with Laurie Rudling. First we made print blocks with sandpaper blocks, adding PVA and texture medium to create the design. The sandpaper areas hold the ink and print dark.

I printed a couple of the tree designs onto canvas off-cuts from the local copyshop who print my quilt cards. I will be able to add stitch to them when they are fully dry.

The moon over water design was used to try out different ways of inking the block, for different effects. I like the dark one best.

We then made a carborundum block where you design the shape and surround it with glue and stick on the gritty powder, actually and aluminium silicate I think.

This was my Fungi, and it printed very dark, mysterious and deadly!

Then we made a collograph plate with assorted cards and papers, and then put carborundum powder all around the outside. You have to varnish them before you can print and it was taking a long time to dry.

I tried to make a design based on a church, and overlaid it with a mosque. Poor result, as the first print had too much ink and the second, a ghost print, made without re-inking the block still doesn't seem to be right. I guess it may have been better with another couple of printings but I ran out of time.
And you should have seen the work produced by everyone else... stunning stuff.

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