Thursday, 1 August 2013

"Decide - Commit - Focus" definitely my mantra for the previous few days as I have been working hard to get my remaining eleven note books covered before the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. I made two on Tuesday and got two more half done. I finished those on Wednesday morning before getting stuck in traffic for ages on my way to a meeting.

Eight done! Half Hour Bookwraps.
 I'll aim to post some individual pics into the bookwraps page.

Bleach print on dark batik.
In the evening I made another four, getting the method grooved they took half an hour each!
Bleach print from potato masher.
This morning I have made Number 9, with some handstitch it has taken a little longer, and number ten is under the machine! These last three are using some lovely linen printed in French and with some of my bleach printing experiments. The one currently under the machine is a bleach print from a potato masher on shot cotton.


  1. How many have you made in total ?

  2. Each one looks great, you have a good variety too.


Thank you. Heather