Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Damsels and Dragons

Flies that is.. we went up the river for a picnic today, it was very hot and there were lots of dragonflies, huge like little helicopters and the most beautiful turquoise damselflies. One came and sat on the side of the boat and I put my hand beside it and it climbed onto my finger and sat there for minutes, long enough for me to look closely at the dark patches on its wings and the iridesent blue on the upper edges. An amazing creature.
I didn't take a camera but there are wonderful pictures of Banded Demoiselles here:
We also saw several swan families with cynets almost fully grown, two with Five and one with seven, so it's been a good year for them. Near the bank after lunch we were treated to a good view of the local iconic butterfly, a Swallowtail. On the way home we saw a gannet and John who was driving saw a kingfisher dart across the river.

And here are the little Christmas hangings for the craft show. Patterns I've had for about 20 years, from an American designer I think.

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