Tuesday, 30 April 2013

March and April Journals

(I have changed the title of this post as it is attracting a huge amount of spam comments).
As a member of Contemporary Quilt, the Specialist group of the Quilters Guild, I am signed up for this year's Journal Quilt Challenge, we have to make a small quilt each month and post to the Yahoo site before the end of the month. In fact the first 4 had to be posted by today.

Well my camera developed a fault and I had to borrow one but finally my March and April quilts are uploaded - a bit skin of my teeth - but here they are:

March Journal Quilt, Latch 2

April Journal Quilt, Paint 1

 They are both made with image transfer using photographs I took on a visit to the Eco Musee in Alsace. March, the Mediaeval Latch, and April Distressed Paint from an ancient door, are put onto hand dyed cotton fabric and then quilted in straight lines. I like the blurring of the image in the paint picture.
The Eco Museum is a super place with very old houses transferred to the site. There are good explanations of the building styles and there are Storks nesting on the roofs!

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  1. These little quilts are such a joy. I have literally just finished my last one and uploaded it - it's still April, but only just.


Thank you. Heather