Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's Sunny!

But only slightly warmer as the wind is very cold.
I drove to Winterton Quilt group today and was given another lovely Bookwrap, and the promise of more. I cut out 5 more FW blocks and sewed 4 of them up, now I have the three I promised Gilly completed ready to deliver tomorrow.

Just had a lovely comment on my quilt Moonshine (they seem to have hung it very well) which is part of a Quilters Guild travelling exhibition:
Thanks. That Quilt is just....blew our minds...
Hendrina Naylor4:05pm Apr 3
Thanks. That Quilt is just....blew our minds away! I got so much inspiration at the show and am now ( a total novice) making little hexagons-got hooked on them!
herewith the picture with my grand daughter Adile-Jade (aged 13). She is also 'heavy into needle crafts' . Thanks once again, Hendrina (Rena) from Northampton
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Heather Hasthorpe
Heather Hasthorpe3:50pm Apr 3
Hi Rena, that's lovely! I tried to reply on your blog, don't know if I was successful! I only mind people pinning my work I can't understand how anyone would think it ok to give my copyright to Pinterest!!!
I am at the moment making another of these in pink and yellow with a touch of turquoise as a wedding quilt for a mate. There will be progress pics on my blog,/


  1. Michelle Ackroyd3 April 2013 at 13:40

    Ooh Heather! You know this is very exciting - being made a quilt! Rena is so right - I love that quilt too and it does blow your mind away!
    Michelle x

  2. I found a block flock, I think, made in your colours Michelle. Will you get to the Pennyloaf exhibition next weekend? I'm there Sunday morning.


Thank you. Heather