Monday, 1 April 2013

Creake Abbey

On Good Friday we went up to Burnham Overy Staithe to the preview of an art exhibition that we go to each year. There are four artists who exhibit together and I like Hannah Hann's work. My husband John likes her husband Chris's work. We bought three prints and changed the look of our sitting room.
On the way I saw signs for Creake Abbey. We shouldn't have been going down that road but I was knitting in the car and not navigating so we sailed past our turning! Fortunately we stopped for a quick look and it was very interesting. It was an Augustinian foundation dating from the early 13th Century. It was called the Abbey of St. Mary of the Meadows and the Canons ran a hospital for the sick and needy. The Church was destroyed by fire in the 1380s and not long after the Canons succumbed to disease which seems wholly inappropriate. The Abbey lands were used to endow Christ's College Cambridge.

 Among the ruins were some niches in the walls and when you got up close there were offerings, Candle stubs, Prayer books and even a photograph of a deceased man, almost like the kinds of shrine you might find in Spain.
 I have been busily cutting out more FW blocks today in the hope I can have a good session some time stitching them all up, but I really should go out and finish washing down the greenhouse.

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