Tuesday, 2 April 2013

More Tiny Triangles

I've made another 4 FW blocks, Snowball, Spool, Country Farm and Attic Windows. These are all straightforward 9-patch blocks.
However when looking through the blocks I haven't yet done I realised that there were still several that need half-square triangles that finish to an inch. I had a go at making some by drawing around a paper template:

but they are difficult to draw and I don't stitch a very straight line with my dodgy wrists so although they were O.K. I have reverted to my usual method of drawing a grid. I started with two ten inch squares and drew a 2" grid and then drew in the diagonals so that they went in opposite directions on adjacent squares because you can then stitch a continuous line.

 It is a bit of an intellectual challenge to work out where to go in order to keep going - a topology problem slightly more difficult than the ones I use to do with my class of infants!

Then you cut on all the lines.
you do have to trim them to one and a half inches but you can do them as they are needed, not necessarily all at once!
And if you choose a fabric with a diagonal stripe you end up with two sets, stripes going in different directions!

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