Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring glorious Spring.

This week has seen the Blackthorn blossom appear followed by the new Hawthorn leaves, Bread and Cheese my grandad always called them and swore you could put them in a sandwich! I love it when the hedges turn green again.

The Kingcups are flowering in the edge of my pond and I managed to notice just before they grew through the net that protects the fish!

In the front garden the Forsythia is out too.

A beautiful sunny yellow by my front door. And I'm delighted that my bees are back, solitary bees that make individual nests in holes in the dry sandy soil by the front door.

There are golden Wallflowers, lovely scented flowers that I grew from seed, they have been quietly sitting there all winter just waiting for the sun.

 I have been sewing too, piecing some blocks that I found in my Block Keeper book, all cut out ready to sew, and in the way as I want to use it to lay out my Winding Ways blocks.
I have lots of those cut now and need to get on with the stitching.

Today my Moonshine quilt came home from it's trip around the country and it was beautifully packed, rolled on a padded Cardboard roll and covered with bubble wrap. This is the quilt that Hendrina had seen at one of the travelling stitch shows.
I have to send some quilts to go to the Make-it Lace fair in Northampton and I thought I should send it's partner Winding Ways quilt, the Red Dragons.
Early start tomorrow to get to Brampton Village Hall for the Guild Regional Day with Lynn Edwards. Looking Forward to it!

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  1. My forsythia has very few flowers this year. I wonder if it has to do with a late spring.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. you don't have your email enabled (Edit Profile, Check mark after "show my email address" and scroll down and SAVE) so I couldn't respond back to you. If you do not want return emails, I understand.


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