Sunday 19 October 2014

Modern Logs completed, and a really fancy binding by machine

Beautifully Quilted by Mandy Parks, as usual..  This is a converging Corners Log Cabin, and I'll post the tutorial when I find it again.. Binding tutorial here  under "freebies"
Edited to add, tutorial here on filminthefridge  blog

Thursday 16 October 2014

Quilt Finished

The Oakshott quilt A Walk In The Woods is done, except for a label.
Mandy Parks has made a fantastic job of quilting it with a modern leafy pattern, and I have stitched on the binding entirely by machine. I also added the hanging sleeve by machine, using the blind hemming stitch and the stitches get buried into the wadding and do not show on the front!

Modern Strikes Again..

Woohoo! I've finished a quilt today by machining the binding onto the back first then turning to the front and stitching carefully through the folded edge. It looks very neat.
Then I tried stitching the hanging sleeve on too, by machine, using the blind hemming stitch so all my poor hands have to do is to hand sew the short ends of the sleeve. The hem stitches hide in the wadding and do not go through to the front. Amazing! I like modern methods..
How quick is that!

Monday 13 October 2014


Here are some of the light, low volume hexagons I've been cutting and I'm trying to decide if they need a grey, or a white background.

I think I'll use the white as I really like the star that forms where the very pale hexie bleeds into the background.

 Even with grey hexies you don't seem to get that effect.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Lingwood Quilters Exhibition

Lingwood Quilters exhibition yesterday, near Norwich was a delight. It is a small group who welcomed me when I first moved to Norfolk ten years ago, but I didn't join as they mostly were hand stitching.
Here are some pictures of their work:

This lovely quilt was completed by the group for the maker's daughter after she passed away.
I do like the fish pond

This is a watercolour design in Liberty prints showing the neat hand quilting that you see in almost all the Lingwood group's quilt.
 This was made from family linens, the tablecloths and traycloths we hav all collected. What a good idea to make something useable rather than leave then languishing in drawers.

Bright circles.

Then two similar quilts hand pieced from tiny scraps and hand quilted.

 Dresden Plates with tiny hand quilting in the background and Ohio Stars with an interesting interlocking design hand stitched all over.

I am off on quilt retreat so may soon have more of my own work to show!