Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Textile Art, some thoughts..

I was looking at the work of Textile Artist Deirdre Adams and what she says about her work resonated with my thoughts about the piece I sent for the Stretching Art Challenge.

Interesting article. She says
My latest fascination is using printed paper. I have a large collection of old textbooks: physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. I’m using pages from these plus reference books, dictionaries, maps, sheet music, newspapers in other languages, and other things I find. I’m layering these and stitching them together, before I begin a process of peeling back the various layers to see what’s beneath. I think of it as a kind of reverse archaeology as I layer them; and then it’s like an excavation going back down. The idea is about the different systems of knowledge that we have, but how all of it is not accessible to everyone.

This is what I wrote about my piece and you can follow the link to see the work:

Stretching Art Challenge 16 Illuminated Letters

SAT16: Hidden by Heather Hasthorpe 
Artist: Heather Hasthorpe, Norfolk, UK  

Letter H Half-Understood
I made a sketchbook based on books and writing for The Sketchbook Challenge and spent a lot of time considering how meaning is conveyed through text and imagery. I have now collected a variety of printed text in different languages, most of which I cannot read! I am using these partly for their value as pattern, but also holding in mind that the meaning is obscured both by my lack of knowledge, and the fracturing that the technique produces.

Technique explored
I am using an image transfer method I first saw at Houston being demonstrated by Claire Benn, which I have further explored and developed following workshops with Christine Chester. I have screen printed medium to attach papers to fabric, using thermofax screens.

Techniques used
Image transfer, layering, machine quilting, facing, appliqué

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I've been making pincushions for a week or so, they are definitely addictive. Every time i tidy up some more of my stash I think of making another batch.
There are ones made with Linen and old lace or ribbon:

 One inspired by a bee button

Some bright ones with lots of buttons and Linen again... I like Linen.

And my current favourites, patches with Bunting! Some of these will be on sale at Winterton Quilters Christmas Fair on December 7th.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Grey one growing

 For some reason this one, my third play with the plusses pattern, doesn't seem to be finished yet. I keep adding more and it still isn't telling me "enough already"!

But true to form I'm working on more than one thing and am still adding to my apple cores as you can see on the right! They need pinning and it is a job that can be done in front of the TV, then each morning I can get a few more joined up.

And today I carried on with my Sunday job (always something off task!) and stitched up twelve little houses for pincushions or Christmas ornaments. That gives me a task for quilt group tomorrow that doesnt need me to tote a sewing machine. I can just stuff..

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Work in progress

I'm still playing with the plusses crosses:

I have half a dozen variations on this in my head... I'm teaching it at the beginning of next month and need some more samples.