Thursday 21 January 2016

Living World Exhibition Call

The Guild is calling for entries for a new exhibition called Living World.

I have offered my Great Granny Squares quilt as they say they want Traditional quilts too.

This is a Traditional block made in Modern Fabrics and was made as a handling Sample for the new Modern Specialist Group of The Quilter Guild. would be nice for it to go out into the world on an adventure of its own!

Each of the blocks seemed to me as I was making it to be reminiscent of the new flowers growing up through last years dry stalks. I don't have any idea if it will be accepted but I do know that I sent a quilt once before and it was very well looked after and very well packed for its journey home.

Thursday 7 January 2016

Little Pocket Purse

 Little Pocket Purse.
this one made from Anna Graham's tutorial:

Not completely happy with this as the zip was too long so doesn't sit perfectly.
As I have a lot of 5" zips, I'll make a larger version, so I can fold the edges of the zip tape out of the seam allowance which gives a better finish.
I put a press stud under the button to fasten the tab and found my sewing teacher sitting on my shoulder insisting on twisted buttonhole stitch into each hole. Well it does give a very neat finish!

I was a grammar school girl and in 1956, year three, 13 to 14, I completed a file of technique samples which included bound buttonholes, plackets, buttons and press studs. At least I was spared the directoire knickers my mother had to make by hand at Oxford High in the thirties!