Friday 19 October 2012

Stones, and bookwraps.

Jude at Spirit Cloth Posted a thank-you for the stones I sent her here: 
and a link to my blog which is nice!

I've spent the afternoon making lemon meringue pie for the Church Harvest Supper tonight.

Consequently I haven't made another block, just got the pattern ready.

I did make 7 small covered books this morning though, for the craft fair at How Hill on the 
31st, Halloween.
How Hill in Norfolk, is a beautiful old house on the river with lovely gardens. The story goes that one of the Colman girls (an heiress to the mustard fortune) was sailing up the river with her Beau, an architect called Boardman, and looked up at the hill and asked him to build her a house there - and he did!


  1. Hi Heather,
    I would like to " Follow " your blog but can not find where to .
    Tricia Vint ( Norfolk Quilter )

  2. I've added a button, top right..


Thank you. Heather