Monday, 10 June 2013

A good week

I've finished my Broken Dishes Quilt top and it is parcelled up ready to go to Mandy Parks of The Quilt's Whiskers for Quilting. I've prepared quite a few yards of binding too.
Then on Saturday I drove to Spalding to drop off my entry for the British Quilt Championships at Sandown in two weeks time. I was also able to see the quilt exhibition - wonderful to see Gwenfai Rees Griffiths' quilts up close. Her designs are interesting and her execution superb. Her hand quilting is done with amazingly tiny quilt stitches.

There was also an exhibition of quilts for sale by Gill Hutton. I bought one of her quilts, shoo fly blocks in country style, last year for a ridiculously small sum of money. There was another there I was very tempted by, only £100 and wonderful use of colour...
All hand quilted too. These slightly wobbly log gabin blocks have a very modern look and I love the restricted colour scheme. There are quite a few for sale and they will probably be at Sandown, worth looking out for. They are very Amish in style. Apparently she lived abroad for some years where most of her quilts were made. They were bought in a job lot by the chap who runs Grosvenor Exhibitions and some of them have featured in Fabrications magazine.

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