Thursday, 12 September 2013

Out and about.

I called in to the textile exhibition at Hingham in Norfolk. It's a long way from my home but I was returning from grandmothering so that made it just a detour. There was interesting work, and some super paintings but I spent most of my time looking round the enormous old church. Abe Lincoln's predecessors came from there and there were lots of Amercan links, some excellent paper ships made by children and very nice finely stitched kneelers with a huge range of subjects. The stained glass was lovely and cast interesting colours on the woodwork.

Last weekend I visited the World Textile Day at Mundford. Again a long way to drive but some beautiful lengths of cloth were on display and the methods of construction explained in photos and lectures. I bought some interesting weaves and indigo fabric from the African Fabric Shop and just managed not to get another of ther fab baskets... I have three already!

I have been working on a piece for the contemporary group. It's based on "All in a Days Work" and I aim to reference the way women use textiles to keep their family warm. I have some pieces of old blanket, including mended bits, one with an eyelet where it was used as a door curtain in wartime... There are some old buttons, one a uniform fly button from grandma's button box!

These postcards were made with fabric from The African Fabric Shop.

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