Sunday, 9 March 2014

New fabric.

Beautiful weather the last few days with signs of Spring everywhere. The pussy willows have opened their catkins and weeping willows are colouring up as the tiny leaves start to appear and there are new Hawthorn leaves brightening the hedgerows - my grandfather called them Bread and Cheese and maintained thet country folk put them in sandwiches!

I've been buying fabric this week ahead of quilt retreat which is just over a week away.
I got some Kaffe Fasset strips and a Scrap bag from Hancocks by airmail and then some lovely modern fabrics by post from Gwen Murray who trades as Celtic Fusion Fabrics 
just delicious aren't they? I particularly like the pale blue/grey Essex Linen, I'm going to need more of that.
And the three on the left were a surprise bonus!

Then today I went to the Quilt Show at Duxford and bought some more...

These from Secret Garden Quilting
and those below from a supplier near Newbury where my daughter lives, called Juberry Fabrics

the turquoise in the middle is one of the range called Road 15, and I bought some of those for myself too.

Telling DH on the way back to the car I said its only like you buying a new Golf Club, and he replied Ah but you didn't part exchange an old one, did you?

He had me there!

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