Thursday, 10 April 2014

Quilt stack

I stacked up a pile of quilts as part of my tidying up for the grandchildren's visit. there are at least 15 in the stack and another two on beds; there's one over the sofa and another lurking behind it waiting to be hand quilted which I only do in very small doses. There are another 5 over the bannister rail. Also three tops made recently that haven't been quilted yet.
I've been thinking about this because a student asked me how many I had made...

Then there are another 5 each in my daughters houses and and 5 more at least in my sister-in-law Pat's as she gathered up ones I had made for my Parents. There are two in the villa in Spain. My nephews have one each. there are various baby quilts too, oh and four made for daughters friends. One for John's dad I made when he went into a residential home which he wouldn't use in case he spoilt it so it lived in the wardrobe...

I also made 8 raffle quilts over the first few years we lived in Norfolk to raise funds for the local church.
And I sold a quilt!!

It's difficult to keep track, and this is only the big quilts, it doesn't take account of small stuff, journal quilts and experimental contemporary pieces.

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