Sunday, 28 December 2014

Boho Sling Bags

I made this one for my eldest Granddaughter:

She wanted an African bag with an elephant on. Well the fabrics are African, from the African Fabric shop, and the Elephant decoration is added!

The second bag is made from African style fabrics by Robert Kauffman just in case my second Granddaughter fancied one, but she doesn't! So there it is a spare Boho Sling bag looking for a home... this one has stripey wooden buttons for decoration, and a popper fastening and an inside pocket, but no owner..

The straps are adjustable you can just re-tie them to whatever length suits.


  1. They are lovely I would happily give one a good home !

  2. I expect the spare one will end up as a raffle prize for the next Quilters' Guild Area Day!


Thank you. Heather