Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Rattlesnake Class

Yesterday I taught Rattlesnake at Winterton Quilters. They were a great class, very quiet as there was a lot of concentration!

As ever there were students, starting with Ann, who had an innovative approach to the design and I learnt something new!
Here are Vicky's stunning black and green blocks auditioning a split background colour - something I hadn't thought of!!

and here are some more from the class:

Ann's is centre top. so effective when the "teeth" blend into the background, and there were lots more that I didn't get to photograph.

This is Nina's, a stunning colour combination, but lousy photo as it was certainly not distorted like that!

And below, the class star, Lynne, who completed all her blocks and took out all the paper, and stitched them together well before the end of the class!

Isn't that fabulous!

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  1. What an industrious looking class! I do enjoy class shots, it's so lovely to see everyone at work! Love that block and their interpretations of it - it's always fabulous to see how students take ideas and create new work. Thanks for your kind comment on our site, we have some very industrious students too as you could see :)


Thank you. Heather