Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Recent Work

.. has been mainly samples for the new Quilters Guild Modern Specialist Group Tutor Boxes. an Idea Helen Howes and I have been working on for some time. Small quilt samples, nicely finished, with a copiable worksheet that groups can hire for the cost of the postage rather than hiring in a teacher and paying a small fortune in travelling costs.
Here is an Eccentric Crosses Sample nicely made with a flange binding and matchstick quilting:

Modern Eccentric Crosses
 This is the Modern take on Log cabin great for using narrow scraps.
Modern Negative Space Log Cabin
 Another Notelets, small envelope blocks made with 2 1/2 inch squares.
Envelope block made with small squares
 My current favourite, Interlocking Plus blocks. I like making these...
Modern Plusses

 This is an interesting one, x&+ blocks lots of these appearing in Japanese quilts.

X and Plus blocks

My workspace! the tiny tumblers are my thread savers,  I just stitch another pair between sewing other blocks!


  1. I so much admired these quilts at the FoQ. The eccentric crosses I don't think was there or I missed it. Love the colour choices on all of them but the combination of the eccentric crosses particularly unusual but effective.

  2. Well the Eccentric crosses sample, and the x & + blocks are new ones, so I didn't have them at FOQ. There was such a loto f interest I thought we are maybe going to need more...


Thank you. Heather