Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Farmers Wife Blocks

Economy block for Ruth

Here are the blocks I cut out yesterday with the Marti Michell templates from set A. Because the corners are nubbed they are really easy to fit together, and seem to come out the right size.

Bowtie and Economy for Michelle

Bowtie and Economy for me

Seasons for me

Seasons, for Ruth
I also found a couple of Seasons blocks already cut for me and for Ruth hiding at the bottom of a pile of fabric on the table. I made these by drawing out the block to size and then cutting up the paper to use as a pattern. You do have to think about where you need the straight of grain on the outside of the block before you cut these out!

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  1. You are ding really well, Heather, and your blocks and bag are great. I am pleased toreport that I have completed my first block, Cat & Mouse and am delighted with it. I have now cut out Country Path, which looks hard.



Thank you. Heather