Friday, 11 January 2013

Swapped Farmer's Wife Blocks

I met up with Ruth and Michelle today and collected some lovely blocks that Ruth has made for me. The Grape Basket bottom left I made the rest are Ruth's, from top left Old Windmill, Maple Leaf, Autumn Tints, Hovering Birds and Basket.Really nice aren't they!
Now I have to make some for Michelle...

 Ruth wants hers in 30s fabrics, and we were discussing the need for contrast. Here is my Bright Baskets Quilt made in mostly 30's reproduction fabrics, the Plains, some of them Oakshott shott cottons do help to give contrast but, although it is lovely in the flesh so to speak, it tends to look spotty in a photograph.

I have foundation pieced Shooting star which came out very well once I had taken the paper off and pressed it,


  1. wow look at what you lot have achieved blocks look fantastic, and what can i say about your bag heather, beautiful does`nt really do it justice. well i have just finished 1 yes thats ONE block, got in such a muddle as just wanted to play with my new i-pad, hopefully i can get 1 more done before next meeting, happy quilting girls x jean-ann x


Thank you. Heather