Sunday, 12 May 2013

Fabric Crumbs.

I've made some postcards for this month's swap, which is "Fabric Crumbs" I had collected all the threads that unravelled from the recent dyeing session and chopped them up and stuck them to a strip of "steam a seam" glue. I cleaned the iron because the backing paper was sticky... then stuck them down to a piece of screen printed furnishing fabric courtesy of   Helen Howes discard box. I free machine quilted them with a variegated rayon thread with black polyester scarf over the top which was then cut away. Some more lines of stitch to hold the fronts to the pelmet vilene inners then added the hand dyed cotton backs and stitched the edges this time with a cotton variegated thread.

I finished the backs with information printed onto sticky labels as I would find it a struggle to hand write them all. All ready to post when I get back from my trip away later this week.

 Today I planted out the peas, and have cleared out and replanted several of the pots holding the netting round the pond. The King Cups have been wonderful this year, they're such a vibrant colour, but just beginning to think about dropping their petals and setting seed so I'll have to chop them back.

These are the blocks I've been working on:
Broken Dishes - the other wedding quilt I volunteered myself for, but I am really enjoying making both of them. This one is softer colours and subtle, almost Japanese looking,but the block seems quite suitable for the purpose!!

I have loads of Winding Ways blocks laid out in my block keeper book ready to take with me on Wednesday to Quilt group and to Barn Owls meeting on Friday.

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