Saturday, 25 May 2013

More blocks and Clematis

I've made another 25 broken dishes blocks in the lovely soft pinks with a few greys. I need 5 for each 18" block so hopefully that is now enough, although I may need a few dark ones as I am following Izi's suggestion to put the darker ones as cornerstones and the darkest around the edge to hold the design together.

I have been out in the garden as it isn't raining yet today and have planted the tomato plants in the greenhouse into my Dad's pots - large terracotta that he knocked the bottom out of and I inherited.I vaguely remember him calling it Ring Culture; he was an organic gardener before it caught on! Every year he'd fill my car with flowers he'd grown. Now I have to grow my own...
I've taken some of the flowers, verbascum, gazania, nicotiana,and some annuals I've grown from seeds round to the front of the house but it's still a bit cold out there so I'm in for coffee.

The Clematis growing over the shed is really lovely at the moment and as I'm using flowers as my theme for my next journal quilts and the next set of postcards I'll need to look closely at flowers! I'm planning to add to my bleached fabric with some overprinting later today.

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