Friday, 2 May 2014

Area Day

Pamela Salter is the lovely lady who came to our Eastern Regional Day on Saturday with 96 beautifully made items for the Tombola! Not a quilter, a long standing member of the Embroiderers Guild! She also made lots of lovely bookwraps last year, as the Quilt Museum has captured her imagination.

On Sunday, at the Bead and Textile Fair we did have quite a lot of interest in the Guild up our end of the table Brenda, one lady very keen as she was most interested in the Contemporary journal Quilts that Jackie and I had on display, and I was stitching a free cut piece for my Dislocation... All our leaflets were taken, and there was considerable interest in the Guild magazine too, as it clearly takes a more intelligent approach to the craft!

Here is a picture of Pamela studying our Journal Quilts

I'm having a quiet day today...

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