Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend Work

Jo Budd 

I spent the weekend working hard in Jo Budd's studio overlooking a river valley in Bungay. We painted and monoprinted a variety of fabrics including polyester sheers and I was really pleased with my work up until I had to do the selection and design process, when I had a minor panic attack!

Tree bark was my visual reference so I used colours that were soft blues mauves greys.

My sample pieces ready for the next stage.

Jo Budd's work is very interesting as she is an artist who works with textiles and stitch, layering her work and using stitch to create surface texture which adds enormous interest to the work. She showed us her series of pieces based on ripples and reflected light on the surface of water and it was fascinating to see how she creates those effects.

The garden is wild and full of wildlife, there were lots of small Orange tip butterflies but they were either resting with their wings closed or constantly on the move and difficult to catch with a camera. This one looks yellow but was a much brighter orange colour.

I also photographed the moss and lichen covered apple tree and the wooden seat, wonderful colour in my palette!

I did get my artistic head engaged and arranged several pieces that looked good. I began stitching the first one and it was developing well when I had to pack up and come home.

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