Saturday, 24 November 2012


Misty, moisty morning turned into a damp and dismal day. I had a round trip to visit all three Christmas fairs, starting with lunch at Lessingham where they were raising funds for the Methodist Chapel. 

I drove across country through coastal communities that hide from the North sea behind the tall sand dunes, past Sea Palling and Waxham with it's ancient manor house and huge and famous thatched barn, through Somerton to Winterton where the girls from the friendly quilt group were raising money for the Air Ambulance and local Hospice. 

On the way I saw another barn...

not so cared for this one! Ripe for a bit of tarting up I'd say.

Then back to the village for the Catfield Christmas fair. I'd sold quite a lot of raffle tickets for their hamper raffle and 3 of them won prizes so now I have a bit of delivering to do.

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