Friday, 23 November 2012

On a Roll.

Lovely sunny day today so I was able to get outside for a while when the lunch was cooking and plant up some new autumn and spring flowering wall-flowers and a couple of Penstemon that I got in a sale at the Garden Centre. I also gathered up the huge pile of dead leaves that wind eddying round had left by the front door.

It was good to get out into the sun after 5 injections at the dentist to fix a tooth which has been bothering me. I am off on quilt retreat next Tuesday and didn't want to be feeling too poorly to sew!

Here is yesterday's Farmer's Wife Block, Periwinkle, and today's Jack Knife - an interesting one - and a couple of unnamed blocks that I made with the bits left over from it.

I also had an excited phone call from my daughter who had opened the box of Roman outfits in front of her class and tried a few on. Fortunately M&S size charts were right and they fit well!

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