Friday, 16 November 2012

Romans and Buzzards

Had to drive into the city to the wonderful Anglia Fabrics. There are two shops on opposite sides of the road. The dress fabrics on one side and the furnishing store on the other. I have been asked for help with costumes for the school play. 20 Roman soldiers skirts! For about £20 I have leatherette, velcro, elastic and tape. I was going to paint up vilene or brown paper and add several coats of PVA which would have worked fine but would take much longer... this will be quick. 

Except I now find they need 23 soldiers... in my day we told them what they were doing, now they get to choose!

Here is Buzzard's Roost:
How I thought it was the same as the Empire Star I can't imagine!
For many of these small blocks I find it easier to draw it out to size and cut out the parts to use as templates. This one I worked out  by thinking in terms of squares cut in half, or quartered.

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