Thursday, 10 October 2013

More old quilts..

The Burgundy quilt was interesting. The four-patch squares were pieced randomly from scraps and set with burgundy dress fabric, then rather crudely quilted in straight lines. There are rusty marks on the back showing that it was placed on the bed-springs under a mattress for some time.

 This unusual design is pieced with scrappy parallelograms and orange triangles around an orange square. There are turquoise sashings and pink post squares which make it quite bright! The patchwork pieces and settings do not all fit together very well and it was probably a collaborative effort.
 This design of a one patch set on point makes a pattern of concentric squares by the placement of colour, but you can see in this picture that it is not consistent: the blue squares are of similar fabrics and the browns have odd pieces that are similar. However the red and ochre squares are set alternately and are similar enough to read as a line of colour.

Here is the centre of the design showing the fine hand quilting stitches through the centre of each square.

I'll post a curved design tomorrow!

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