Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Scraps on paper.

More of the interesting old quilts.
 These scrappy kites were pieced over papers and the blue fabrics added to make square blocks. You can see the light shining through because this is an unfinished quilt, it is just a top, but was hung so that you could walk around and see the paper foundations on the back.

Newsprint used as paper foundations.
 Here you can see the newspaper foundations!

Below is a finished quilt made in a similar way with small scraps of fabric pieced together to make the kite shapes. These are set into blue background triangles and the blocks then sashed with a rather garish and modern looking print. You can see the hand quilted curves of the Baptist's fan pattern.
Quilts from the Meador, Williams, Heath Quilt Collection made by one extended family in the USA exhibited at the beginning of October in Fakenham Parish Church.

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