Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Today I went to quilt group at Winterton and worked on an iPad case. On the way home, just as I was leaving the coastal village, there was a grey heron sitting on a fence right next to the road! Just alongside the field rooks were passing overhead with long twigs in their beaks as their ragged nests took shape high in the trees.

Around the corner there was a bright pheasant scratching in the dead leaves on a bank covered with snowdrops. I thought that would be it for birds apart from the ubiquitous pigeons and seagulls flocking behind the tractors, but at the end of the next lane, leading to an ancient round towered church, sitting on top of the Calvary, I saw a little owl.

It reminded me of why we moved here, far from family and friends, to retire to the country.

Several times I have driven along the lane to the next village and found a barn owl hunting along the field margins beside the car.
Magical, but hard to photograph...

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