Wednesday, 13 March 2013

iPad Covers

Front cover
Back Cover

Embellished felted blanket, front cover

I have been making iPad covers today. I made one last week with patchwork, using the same methods as for the bags, stitch and flip and quilt all in one go.

Today's efforts are made with dyed blanket, dyed scrim and dyed felt, mostly from my dye day with Helen which I showed previously.

Embellished blanket, back cover
The front has a more regular design all melded together with my 12 needle embellisher, and quilted in square spirals, it looks very like a bluebell wood in  colour; the back is more organic,with felt circles attached onto the dyed scrim with the embellisher machine and wavy rather uneven lines of quilting holding the blanket onto the lining.

The edges are overcast with zigzag stitches and a wider stitch used to join the back and front together.

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