Thursday, 14 March 2013

T-shirt Transfer paper

I was asked about T-shirt transfer paper - it is a relatively inexpensive way to transfer images to cloth. Available from stationers, e.g. Staples.
You set up an image, I usually work in Word, and design a page full (if  I were making Quilt labels for instance). Put the paper into the printer, go through the printer menus / advanced /flip horizontal and tick the box to reverse the image. Print, place face down onto cloth, iron the back of the paper to transfer the image, peel off backing.
There are varieties, some require peeling the backing paper off while still hot other kinds are cold peel; read the instructions!
Some versions leave a very plasticky shiny surface which can be ironed over with silicon baking parchment (not, not ever, greaseproof) to remove some of the shine.
Like most things, trial and error process really.


  1. Thanks for that. Next time I am in Staples I will look out for it. I can see the potential.

  2. I just received mine for making quilt labels.


Thank you. Heather