Tuesday, 5 March 2013

January's Journal Quilt

I've signed up for the Journal Quilt project that Contemporary Quilt do each year. I have done this several years running and enjoyed the discipline of making a small quilt each month. I didn't join in last year and found that I missed doing them, so signed up again this year with great excitement only to find that my project stalled as I was busy making Bookwrap gems.
Fragmentation. January Journal Quilt
Fortunately we don't have to post finished work every month, just 3 times a year.
This year the quilts are 8" x 12" and in a landscape format. You can choose your own theme and mine is Microcosm.
My husband takes landscape pictures and while he is looking at the wider picture I am
looking at pattern much closer to hand, in tree bark, shadows, leaves, peeling
paint, reflections; so I plan to develop some of these more close at hand 
shapes and lines for my Journal Quilts.
January is taken from a very much enlarged small part of a photograph of reflections in a glass skyscraper. I drew out the lines of part of the fragmented image and transferred them to Bondaweb. This was attached to a piece of stripey silk hand-dyed by Helen Howes and cut into the fragmented pattern. These pieces were attached to a piece of silk I had dyed in one of Helen's dyeing workshops info here and quilted in vertical lines to echo the amazing height of the building. The backing acts as a facing and is in two parts with an open seam across the centre hand stitched closed after turning through.
I am really pleased with it and now have to think hard about the next one (or three)!

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  1. I signed up too - I am a newbie.

    Much fun with my first two. Now I have to press on with March and April. I have ideas but I need to make the time.

    I like this little quilt. The theme is interesting too.


Thank you. Heather