Monday, 4 March 2013

Comfort! Cats know how to do it.

 Luciecat on the unmade bed, snuggled up on my nightshirt. You can see from her expression she doesn't want to move, although she knows she is not supposed to get on there till the bed's been made and the old quilt thrown on top for her.
It's strange that she likes to sleep on our clothes - she almost never sits on either of us. And here she is adopting the "perhaps if I pretend to be asleep she'll go away and leave me alone" pose. And I fell for it!

Much tidying to do after my teaching sessions. Had a lovely time showing the Young Embroiderers how to make Snappy Bags on the sewing machine last Saturday.

Here is the magnificent cat Lucie replaced, Rufus the Red, always with sparkling clean white unders and toes and very willing to curl up on my lap.And a purr like a tractor engine.
When I can get the dining table this clear I might be able to proceed with some sewing. Lots to put away and lots to find, I have a two day workshop with Angie Hughes to look forward to later this week.

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  1. What workshop are you doing with Angie? I think she is a fab tutor and she has certainly helped me on my creative path.


Thank you. Heather